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Explore Her Journey

Lifia Teguh invites you to join her on her musical journey with a great selection of videos. From classical music covers, her own compositions and arrangements often combined with the sounds of Indonesia, popular tunes, and more. Enjoy her musical adventure through these videos!


Indonesian-fusion composition of Lifia Teguh

This tune is based on Gundul Gundul Pacul, a Javanese folk tune, combined with other genres such as classical, jazz, and pop. In Indonesian, dendang means song, and gado-gado is a type of Indonesian salad  consisting of lettuce, tofu, potatoes, beansprouts, eggs, shrimp crackers, and melinjo crackers (if you don't know what it is, Google it, your life will be changed) that has an impeccable peanut sauce as a dressing. Gado-gado also symbolizes a mixture, which is why the title is chosen. I hope you dance along with it!

Piano Concerto in G Major, I. Allegramente

Live from PSU Concerto Competition

Allow me to share my performance at PSU Concerto Competition in Lincoln Recital Hall, Portland, USA. It takes a lot technically and emotionally for me to learn this piece. I learn that with God, nothing is impossible. Then the good news is... I WON THE COMPETITION and gonna perform with the orchestra in 2020! I have never played with an orchestra in Indonesia, but I am gonna play with an orchestra here in the UNITED STATES! Isn't God amazing?

Mary, Did You Know?

(ft. Ryan Tedja)

Beyond blessed to collaborate with my talented friend, Ryan Tedja who has an amazing voice and a humble heart. Keys arranged by Lifia Teguh, vocal arranged by Ryan Tedja.

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