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Behind the Music

Lifia Teguh is a pianist, arranger, and composer whose passion is to entertain other people and touch their hearts through her unique blend of Indonesian-fusion music. Her original composition for prepared piano “hypnotized the audience as the sound of the piano is transformed into Gamelan and the tinkle of Ngremo dance’s bracelets” (

As a classically trained pianist, she has performed in the USA, Europe, and Asia both as a soloist and as part of the renowned summer festival Music Fest Perugia, G. Lettimi Conservatory International Master Classes, and Warsaw Piano Workshop. Lifia is also a recipient of the Monday Musical Club Scholarship in Portland, a grand-finalist of Petri Scholarship Competition, and has received awards in regional and national piano competitions in her country, Indonesia. Her piano quartet score, Liber Dangdut, was recently selected to be performed in College Music Society & American Musicological Society Pacific NW Conference. Ms. Teguh recently won PSU Concerto Competition with Ravel’s Piano Concerto in G Major and will perform her own piano concerto with the PSU Orchestra in Spring 2021. In her studies, Lifia is currently a piano performance major and a graduate teaching assistant for piano at Portland State University.

Ms. Teguh’s concert venues range from traditional concert hall to the yacht club. Her creative and distinct approach to traditional music breathes fresh air to traditional Indonesian music, combining Indonesian folk tunes and songs with other genres like blues, classical, and pop. Her arrangement for prepared piano Rek Ayo Rek, which transformed the sound of the piano into sasando and kendhang (both Indonesian instruments), “successfully swayed the audience on their seats according to the rhythm of the music” (

In summer 2016, she created INDspire – Inspiration for Indonesia, a kick-starting production in which she arranged and composed some of the songs as well as collaborated with other musicians, for a campaign for equal rights of education in music, dance, and arts, especially for the impoverished class. Her dream is to found an integrated school of music, dance, and theater which provide full scholarships for underprivileged children and teenagers.

Aside from the piano, she has been invited to lecture-demonstrate angklung, the Indonesian percussion instrument, in various places in Portland such as Lan Su Chinese Garden, Mirabella Retirement Community, and various K-12 schools.

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